About SoCal Stair Climbers

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What is a stair-walk?  Stair-walks are urban hikes connecting multiple stairways along public streets, paths and occasionally trails along routes in diverse, usually hilly, areas.

We design and lead groups on stair-walking routes across SoCal, to connect roads, bike paths, sidewalks, walkways and stairways into interesting and stair laden walks across the urban landscape. Members are welcome to follow posted routes/Facebook events, or submit routes and lead their own Facebook events. We are volunteer driven, and seek to share our common passion for stair travel. We especially enjoy long fast urban stair-walks in the 8 to 20+ mile range, with many stair climbs. And we also host some events that have a slower pace and shorter distance options.

We also seek to catalog every public LA stairway, both stair streets, and non-stair streets (and even some that are private, but accessible), as well as walkways, pedestrian over-crossings and under-crossings. In other words, pedestrian infrastructure. We do this so anyone, especially the stair-walking community can find the stairs and other pedestrian infrastructure thought all of LA County.

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